Adult Classes

All our classes are suitable for men and women of all cultures and ethnic origins. 

Our classes are held in a beautiful professional studio with Harlequin sprung floors, full length mirrors and changing rooms. 

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Adult Bollywood Classes – Level 1 Beginners (12+yrs)

A fun, high energy class, suitable for the absolute beginner to Bollywood.  Easy to follow Bollywood steps and routines inspired by all the top Bollywood Films.  Dress in comfy sports wear or Bollywood princess (or prince) and bare feet.  Steps you'll want to show off to your friends.  Get your bells on!!

Adult Bollywood - Level 2                             Improvers (12+yrs)

The trendiest dance class around bringing you all the latest dance moves from Bollywood and a great work-out too! ! You're ready to join this faster paced class when you feel you've mastered all the basic Bollywood steps.  Routines inspired by all forms of dance both Indian and Western dance styles. Dress in comfy sports wear or Bollywood princess (or prince) and bare feet.  We have an in-house boutique selling our own range of LOVE Bollywood clothing - check out our Afghan trousers (this season's new take on the Harem pants), and accessories to get you into the Bollywood groove.

Bhangra Dance Workout (12+yrs)

Great for all levels of fitness!  A highly energetic aerobic bhangra class, so much fun you won't even realise it's excercise.  All the basic Bhangra steps to the grooviest Bhangra beats.  You have to try it!  Notice the results straight away - Bhangra movements really work bums, tums and thighs!  Great class for men too!

Bharatanatyam Dance Class (12+yrs to Adult)

Probably the most recognised of the Indian classical dance styles.  Originating in South India, this beautiful dance conveys stories and narratives through a series of mudras (hand gestures) and exciticing, fast and intricate beaten footwork.  This class will develop and build upon the foundations of Bharatanatyam.  Students will have the opportunity to perform at various festivals and events. Students will also work towards their annual assessments as a measure of progress.

Contemporary Jazz Dance – Level 2            Intermediate (12+yrs to Adult)

An inspired class fusing contemporary dance with lyrical jazz as made popular on the American reality TV show, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. Suitable for all dancers with at least 1 years dance training in any style, up to professional standard. The class develops technical foundations, improves posture, fitness and flexibility and develops the fundamentals of contraction, release, weight and suspension in dance.

Dancer Rasa Keilman              Photograph by Peter Vroon