Samadhi Dance Company performing at Rathayatra Festival, Amsterdam 26 July 09

A quick note from Gopi: this is my sister's dance company performing at Rathayatra Festival.  A spine tingling mix of Contemporary and Bharatanatyam.  A MUST SEE, click on link below:


New Wednesday Class: Beginners Bollywood every Wed 6.30-7.30pm.  Starts Sept 2nd.  Followed by Adult Improvers Bollywood 7.30-8.30pm.

New Monday Classes: Indian Music Class 5.45-6.15pm followed by Bharatanatyam 6.15-7.15pm. Both classes £8 (discount) ages 12+yrs-Adult.  Taught by the talented Indulekha.

GET FIT FAST! Bhangra dance workout every Sunday 12-1pm.   The ultimate in fun and fitness.  Adults £6.50 drop in Teens 12-16yrs only £3.50 drop in.


12pm Sunday 6th September, Harlequin Watford

Love Bollywood Dance School will be performing at the Harlequin Shopping Centre Watford, to promote our classes.  The event is hosted by Westfield Community Sports Centre.  From October 2009 Love Bollywood will be working closely with Westfield Community Sports Centre to provide local Bollywood classes.

Friday 14th August 4.20pm and Sunday 16th August 2009 12.30pm, Main Stage, Janmastami Festival, Bhaktivedanta Manor. 

Thank you for supporting our performances and various workshops at this wonderful festival.

LOVE Bollywood performed a piece called Vipralambra on the main stage including Bollywood, Bharatanatyam and Contemporary dance styles with live singing in celebration of Lord Krishna's birthday.  Vipralambra means the 4 moods of separation that Radharani experiences when separated from Lord Krishna and the performance is based on these four moods. 

Saturday 27th June 4.15pm, Nascot Wood School

LOVE Bollywood performed at the Nascot Wood School Summer Fair Saturday 27th June at 4.15pm in the main outdoor arena (and the weather just permitted).  Our junior classes and adult Bollywood performed and did a great job.  Thanks to all performers and we hope you enjoyed watching if you attended!  It was a great Summer Party and we were happy to support Nascot Wood School!  Great barbeque by the way...

Sunday 13th June 2.20pm, Colosseum, Watford LIVE

LOVe Bollywood Dance School performed at the Colosseum, Watford, Sunday 14th June 2009 with Watford's LIVE festival. We had live singing, drumming and dancing.  Sreepriya performed a beautiful Bharatanatyam dance and our Adult and Junior classes performed Dola Re Dola.  Thank you to all performers and those who came to support us.  It was a great show and a good turn out!  WELL DONE!

Coming Soon ...

Saturday 21st November 2009, Troxy Venue, London

LOVE Bollywood Dance School will be performing at the 40th Anniversary celebration of Radha Londonisvara and ISKCON UK.  The event is booked at the Troxy Venue near the Limehouse in London, due to be attended by the Mayor of London. The entire evening of entertainment, presentations, and classic ISKCON food is available for a small price of £20 for Adults and £10 for under 16s.  Ticket sales: contact Gopi 01923 266985 Email: